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FHU ADAPT intends to improve the prognosis of mental disorders (mood and psychotic disorders, autism spectrum disorders, etc.) and addiction by identifying potential biomarkers of stratification defining homogeneous entities paving the way towards precision psychiatry.

Mental, neurological and substance use disorders (MNS) represent key public health challenges, as they are leading contributors to the global burden of disease and profoundly impact the social and economic well-being of individuals.

The World Health Organization predicts that by the year 2020, mental disorders will be the major cause of disability worldwide. In the EU, it is estimated that over 80 million women and men of all ages experience some form of mental disorder, meaning that mental health problems will affect up to 27% of the general population at some point during their lives. The total cost of MNS disorders in Europe is over 290 billion €, mostly related to indirect costs. MNS account for 35% of the overall burden of illness and are more costly than the combined burden of diabetes and cancers.
In order to improve early and precise diagnosis, to develop innovative treatments, we need to develop precision medicine approaches to enhance the accuracy of diagnostic tests in order to identify subgroups of patients who can benefit from targeted therapies. In this context, precision means that there is something known about a group of patients that differentially predicts how they will respond to a given treatment. Progress in mental disorders will thus come from the stratification of homogenous subgroups defined by signatures that shape mechanism-based therapeutic strategies that are targeted to appropriate subgroup of patients.

FHU ADAPT will create a cluster of expertise to develop precision psychiatry based on partnerships between Psychiatry/Addictology/Neurosurgery departments of “Arc-du-Grand-Paris-Sud” hospitals. This will gather together major French academic talents linking their competences in domains required to identify biomarkers with brain imaging, genetic and metabolomic platforms (CEA), Pollurisk platform to analyse environmental risk factors (INSERM, UPEC) and metagenomic platform (INRA).
FHU ADAPT will benefit from strong preclinical neuroscience expertise within the teams of the Laboratory of Excellence in Biological Psychiatry (Institut du Fer à Moulin, Inserm/ SU), NeuroPsi (CEA/CNRS/Paris-Saclay) and will incorporate mathematical talents (CEA, INRIA, UPEC).
Renowned industrials will join forces to develop innovations in domains such as digital technologies, biomarkers, brain imaging, new therapeutic targets, probiotics and neuromodulation.

FHU ADAPT will have a structuring impact on the “Saclay hub for Health” by

  1. improving the prognosis of severe psychiatric disorders, expected to be the first cause of disability in the 21st century,
  2. serving as a platform to support R&D innovation,
  3. developing an industry of new diagnostic tools and treatments, thereby establishing the presence of France in the field of both the private and public arenas of international psychiatry.
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Clinical departments

L’hôpital Barthelemy Durand est situé dans le département de l’Essonne.
Le Dr. Christian Trichard est le correspondant du FHU ADAPT

Research laboratories and facilities

Neuropsi https://neuropsi.cnrs.fr/fr

Institut des sciences du vivant Joliot Curie (CEA) https://www.cea.fr/drf/joliot

Institut Mondor de Recherche Biomédicale https://www.imrb.inserm.fr/equipes/m-leboyer/

Institut du fer à moulin https://ifm-institute.org/en/home/

Agro-ParisTech http://www2.agroparistech.fr/PNCA-Physiologie-de-la-nutrition.html

Metagenopolis http://mgps.eu/

Neurospin  https://joliot.cea.fr/drf/joliot/Pages/Entites_de_recherche/NeuroSpin.aspx


A research foundation dedicated to the fight against mental illness, Fondation FondaMental combines care and cutting-edge research to promote personalized and multidisciplinary management of severe psychiatric disorders.


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